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ACT Prep 2024 is your essential guide to mastering the ACT, a critical college entrance exam. This course offers interactive lessons and practice tests to help you understand and navigate the ACT effectively. Covering grammar rules, geometry, algebra, and arithmetic formulas, it provides valuable insights and strategies to boost your performance. Whether you're a high school student or a nontraditional learner, ACT Prep 2024 equips you with the skills needed to succeed and ensures you're well-prepared to tackle the exam confidently. Don't let the ACT intimidate you; use this course to excel and achieve your college goals.

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17+ Lessons | 645+ Exercises | 47+ Quizzes |


3+ Full Length Tests | 645+ Practice Test Questions



  • About This Course
  • Assumptions
  • Icons Used in This Course
  • Where to Go from Here
  • Figuring Out How Long All This Studying Will Take

Getting Your ACT Together: ACT 101

  • What to Take to the ACT
  • What Not to Take to the ACT
  • What to Do If You Have Special Circumstances
  • Guessing for Points to Maximize Your Score
  • Your Number’s Up: Scoring on the ACT
  • What the ACT Expects You to Know
  • Repeating the Test for a Better Score

Succeeding on the ACT

  • Surviving the ACT with Four Stress-Busters
  • Avoiding a Few Dumb Mistakes That Can Mess Up Your ACT

Forming an ACT Study Plan

  • When to Take the ACT
  • Planning Your Study Time for Maximum Success

Mastering the English Test

  • Figuring Out What the English Questions Want You to Know
  • Seeing Is Believing: The Test’s Format
  • Their Pain, Your Gain: Looking Out for Traps That Others Fall into

Getting a Grip on Grammar and Usage

  • Reviewing the Parts of Speech
  • Piecing Together the Parts of a Sentence
  • Keeping Track of Punctuation Rules for Every Occasion

Spotting Usage Errors and Ripping through Rhetorical Questions

  • Spotting Questions That Test Standard English Conventions
  • Checking for Proper Production of Writing

Numbers Nuts and Bolts

  • The Wonderful World of Numbers
  • Minor Surgery: Basic Math Operations
  • Focusing on Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
  • Eyeing Ratios and Proportions
  • Covering Your Bases: Exponents
  • Smooth Operator: Order of Operations
  • Dealing with Average, Median, Mode, and More
  • Abracadabra: Elementary Algebra

Getting into Shapes: Geometry and Trig Review

  • Toeing the Line
  • Analyzing Angles
  • Triangle Trauma
  • Thanks 4 Nothing: A Quick Look at Quadrilaterals
  • Missing Parrots and Other Polly-Gones (Or Should We Say “Polygons”?)
  • Running Around in Circles
  • Trying Your Hand at Trigonometry

Algebra and Other Sleeping Aids

  • Suffering Inequalities
  • Using Your Imagination: Complex Numbers
  • Too Hip to Be Square: Roots and Radicals
  • Thinking Exponentially: Logarithms
  • Barely Functioning with Functions
  • Taking a Flight on the Coordinate Plane
  • Picking Your Way through Percent Increase, Probability, Permutations, and Combinations
  • Setting Up Sequences
  • Managing Matrices

Numb and Number: Acing the Mathematics Test

  • What You See Is What You Get: The Format and Breakdown of the Math Test
  • Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: What Isn’t on the Math Test
  • Getting into the Grind: The Approach
  • Translating English into Math
  • Time Flies When You’re Having Fun: Timing Tips
  • Do’s, Don’ts, and Darns: What to Do and Not Do on the Math Test

This, Too, Shall Pass(age): Sailing through the Reading Test

  • Facing 40 Questions: The Reading Test
  • Getting Prepared: Reading Test Strategies
  • Identifying Reading Question Types and Formats
  • Approaching Comparative Passages

From Frankenstein to Einstein: Excelling on the Science Test

  • Examining the Science Test’s Format
  • Classifying Passage Format
  • Analyzing Tables, Graphs, and Diagrams
  • Examining Experimental Procedures
  • Immersing Yourself in Answer Choices
  • Considering Question Types

Excelling on Your Essay: The Writing Test Review

  • What to Expect From the ACT Writing Test
  • Making the Grade: How the ACT Folks Score Your Essay
  • Examining the Prompt and Creating a Thesis
  • Putting Up Your Dukes: Defending Your Perspective
  • Throwing a Good First Punch: The Hook
  • The Proof Is in the Pudding: Defending Yourself
  • Hamburger Writing: Organizing Your Essay
  • Wielding the Red Pen: Editing and Proofing
  • Writing Don’ts
  • Reviewing Some Example Essays and Their Scores

Practicing Promptly with Practice Prompts: Essay Practice Questions

  • Writing Prompt 1
  • Writing Prompt 2

Ten Wrong Rumors about the ACT

  • You Can’t Study for the ACT
  • Different States Have Different ACTs
  • The ACT Has a Passing Score
  • The ACT Tests IQ
  • You Can’t Use a Calculator on the ACT
  • You Should Never Guess on the ACT
  • The ACT Is Easier Than the SAT
  • Selective Colleges Prefer the SAT to the ACT
  • You Have to Write an Essay
  • You Shouldn’t Take Both the SAT and the ACT

Attention, Parents! Ten Ways You Can Help Your Child Succeed on the ACT

  • Give Awesome Test-Prep Materials
  • Encourage Studying
  • Supply a Good Study Environment
  • Take Practice Tests Together
  • Model Good Grammar
  • Help Memorize Math Formulas
  • Encourage Reading
  • Explore Colleges Together
  • Arrive at the Test Site on Time
  • Help Keep a Proper Perspective

ACT Prep 2024


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