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Gain hands-on expertise in ICT Gaming Essentials exam with ICT Gaming Essentials course. This course focuses on fundamentals of interactive computer game creation and provides the understanding of the design process for creating a gaming program, including criteria and constraint identification, content research and storyboard creation. It also gives knowledge about computer programming concepts that are essential to game development, including program flow modeling, program code creation, and result evaluation and modification practices.

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The ICT Essentials Suite encompasses a field of 10 technology areas spanning the three domains of information, communications, and media technologies. ICT Gaming Essentials exam objectives cover identification principles of gaming, description of the design process and its application to game development, description of programming concepts and its application to game development, algorithm creation, pseudo code for modeling program flow, logic errors, Boolean concepts, and programming language elements, creation of a basic interactive game program, including writing code, testing and evaluating a game program, solving problems, and creating and controlling an animated object.


4+ Lessons | 16+ Quizzes |

Here's what you will learn

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Lessons 1: Introduction to Game Design

  • Points to Ponder
  • Why We Play Games
  • The Design Process for Creating Games

Lessons 2: Introduction to Programming for Games

  • Points to Ponder
  • How the Programmer Interacts with the Computer
  • Understanding Algorithms
  • Introduction to Flowcharts and Pseudocode

Lessons 3: Basic Programming Concepts

  • Points to Ponder
  • Introduction to Programming Concepts

Lessons 4: Creating Interactive Games

  • Overview
  • Creating an Interactive Game

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