ICT Programming and Logic Essentials


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Gain hands-on expertise in ICT Programming and Logic Essentials exam with ICT Programming and Logic Essentials course. This course focuses on fundamental programming concepts. It provides the candidates, knowledge about binary numbers, programming languages and ways to structure a program. It will also help them to explore problem-solving strategies, and learn about algorithms and programming errors. The candidates will also be introduced to structured programming, and work with variables and operators.

Here's what you will get

The ICT Essentials Suite encompasses a field of 10 technology areas spanning the three domains of information, communications, and media technologies. ICT Programming and Logic Essentials exam objectives cover demonstrating fundamental knowledge of programming languages and how they are used to communicate with computers, demonstrating the use of logic and problem-solving, and relate these concepts to computer programming, demonstrating the knowledge of fundamental structured programming concepts, demonstrating proficiency in basic programming and working with data.


7+ Lessons | 86+ Quizzes |

Here's what you will learn

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Lessons 1: Introduction to Programming

  • Points to Ponder
  • What Is Programming?
  • Overview of Programming Languages
  • Deconstructing a Simple Program

Lessons 2: Thinking Logically

  • Points to Ponder
  • Problem Solving
  • Algorithms
  • Testing and Debugging Code

Lessons 3: Working with Control Structures

  • Points to Ponder
  • Control Structures

Lessons 4: Working with Data

  • Points to Ponder
  • Variables
  • Data Types, Expressions and Operators

Lessons 5: Working with Functions and Events

  • Points to Ponder
  • Functions

Lessons 6: Working with Objects

  • Points to Ponder
  • Programming Approaches: Procedural and Object-Oriented
  • Classes, Objects, Properties and Methods

Lessons 7: Transition to Coding

  • Overview
  • Exploring Other Visual Coding Environments
  • Learning to Write Code

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