uCertify App Screenshot

The uCertify Mobile App for the smartphone and the tablet is a 100% feature complete version of the highly acclaimed uCertify LEARN so that you can learn on the go. It is designed from the ground up to incorporate the native mobile user interface and user experience. It enables learners to access every course they are enrolled in on their mobile devices, to make learning more convenient and efficient.

The Mobile App is always in sync, a learner can start with a web app, move to mobile app and come back to web app without losing her work or performance data.

uCertify mobile app is a native app (to be clear, it is NOT a web application modified to run on phones). Being a pure native app allows it to benefit from mobile's way of doing things such as swiping etc.

App Screenshot
  • Welcome Page of LEARN App (IOS)
    My Library Page of LEARN App (Android)
  • Course Dashboard
    Welcome Page with an Option to Continue With Last Accessed Title
  • Practice Tab
    Assessments Tab
  • Roster Tab
    Activities Tab
  • Labs Tab
    Lessons Tab
  • Study Planner
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