GED Test Prep 2023/2024

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The GED Test Prep course is designed to help you achieve success on the General Educational Development (GED) test. The GED test offers individuals who have not completed high school the opportunity to earn an equivalent diploma recognized by employers and colleges nationwide. The course covers all four subject areas of the GED test: Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.

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  • About This Course
  • A Few Assumptions
  • Icons Used in This Course
  • Where to Go from Here

A Quick Glance at the GED Test

  • What to Expect: The Testing Format
  • Reviewing the Test Sections
  • It’s a Date: Scheduling the Test
  • Taking the GED Test When English Is Your Second Language
  • What You Have to Score to Pass the GED Test

The Ins and Outs of the Computerized GED Test

  • Familiarizing Yourself with the Computer
  • Recognizing What the Questions Look Like on the Computer Screen

The GED Test’s Four Sections and You

  • Examining the Reasoning through Language Arts Test
  • Handling the Social Studies Test
  • Knowing How to Grapple with the Science Test
  • Conquering the Mathematical Reasoning Test

Succeeding on the GED Test

  • Leading Up to Test Time
  • Using Practice Tests to Your Advantage
  • Finding Out What to Take to the GED Test
  • Making Sure You’re Comfortable Before the Test Begins
  • Discovering Important Test-Taking Strategies
  • Keeping Your Head in the Game

Preparing for the Reasoning through Language Arts Test

  • Grasping What’s on the Grammar and Language Component
  • Rocking the Reading Comprehension Component
  • Preparing for the RLA Test with Tactics That Work

RLA Question Types and Solving Strategies

  • Tackling Grammar and Language Questions
  • Choosing Wisely in the Reading Component

Preparing for the Extended Response Component

  • Examining the Extended Response Item
  • Writing the RLA Extended Response

Writing an Extended Response Item

  • Getting Familiar with RLA Extended Response
  • A Sample Extended Response Prompt
  • Evaluating Your Response
  • Checking Out a Sample Response

A Graph, a Map, and You: Getting Ready for the Social Studies Test

  • Looking at the Skills the Social Studies Test Covers
  • Understanding the Social Studies Test Format and Content
  • Examining Preparation Strategies That Work

Social Studies Question Types and Solving Strategies

  • Answering Questions about Text and Visual Materials
  • Acing the Social Studies Items
  • Managing Your Time for the Social Studies Test

From Aardvarks to Atoms: Confronting the Science Test

  • Looking at the Skills the Science Test Covers
  • Understanding the Test Format and What Topics Are Covered
  • Examining Preparation Strategies That Work

Science Question Types and Solving Strategies

  • Tackling the Science Test Questions
  • Practicing with Sample Items
  • Managing Your Time for the Science Test

Safety in Numbers: Facing the Mathematical Reasoning Test

  • Looking at the Skills the Math Test Covers
  • Understanding the Test Format
  • Revealing Some Helpful Prep Pointers

Mathematical Reasoning Question Types and Solving Strategies

  • Perfecting Your Approach with Sample Questions
  • Using the Mathematical Reasoning Test’s Special Features
  • Managing Your Time for the Math Test

Ten Surefire Ways to Prepare for the GED Test

  • Strategizing Where and When You Will Test
  • Taking Practice Tests
  • Studying Subject-Matter Books
  • Enrolling in a GED Test Preparation Class
  • Setting a Time and a Place to Study
  • Getting Familiar with the Computer, Calculator, and Formula Sheet
  • Preparing for the Test in Your Mind
  • Getting Good Rest the Week before the Test
  • Making Sure You Have Proper Identification
  • Setting Up Your Test Area or Getting to the Test Site

Ten Tips for Surviving Test Day

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes
  • Arrive at the Test Site Early
  • Keep Conversations Light and Short
  • Arrange Your Work Area
  • Relax and Breathe
  • Stay Focused on the Task at Hand
  • Look at Only Your Test
  • Start with the Easy Questions
  • Write Clearly and Carefully
  • Do Your Best, No Matter What

Appendix: Practicing Basic Computer Skills for the GED Test

  • Using a Mouse
  • Practicing Your Typing on a Keyboard

GED Test Prep 2023/2024


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