Virtualization Essentials

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About This Course

The Virtualization Essentials course is designed for IT professionals with specialization in a particular discipline such as server administration, networking, or storage and who are looking for an introduction into virtualization or cloud computing as a way to grow in the organization. The Virtualization course is a package of interactive lessons, TestPrep, and assessments that provide an understanding of topics such as virtual machines, managing CPUs, storage, and memory of a virtual machine.

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Understanding Virtualization

  • Describing Virtualization
  • Understanding the Importance of Virtualization
  • Understanding Virtualization Software Operation

Understanding Hypervisors

  • Describing a Hypervisor
  • Understanding the Role of a Hypervisor
  • Comparing Today's Hypervisors

Understanding Virtual Machines

  • Describing a Virtual Machine
  • Understanding How a Virtual Machine Works
  • Working with Virtual Machines

Creating a Virtual Machine

  • Performing P2V Conversions
  • Loading Your Environment
  • Building a New Virtual Machine

Installing Windows on a Virtual Machine

  • Loading Windows into a Virtual Machine
  • Understanding Configuration Options
  • Optimizing a New Virtual Machine

Installing Linux on a Virtual Machine

  • Loading Linux into a Virtual Machine
  • Understanding Configuration Options
  • Optimizing a New Linux Virtual Machine

Managing CPUs for a Virtual Machine

  • Understanding CPU Virtualization
  • Configuring VM CPU Options
  • Tuning Practices for VM CPUs

Managing Memory for a Virtual Machine

  • Understanding Memory Virtualization
  • Configuring VM Memory Options
  • Tuning Practices for VM Memory

Managing Storage for a Virtual Machine

  • Understanding Storage Virtualization
  • Configuring VM Storage Options
  • Tuning Practices for VM Storage

Managing Networking for a Virtual Machine

  • Understanding Network Virtualization
  • Configuring VM Network Options
  • Tuning Practices for Virtual Networks

Copying a Virtual Machine

  • Cloning a Virtual Machine
  • Working with Templates
  • Saving a Virtual Machine State

Managing Additional Devices in Virtual Machines

  • Using Virtual Machine Tools
  • Understanding Virtual Devices
  • Configuring a CD/DVD Drive
  • Configuring a Floppy Disk Drive
  • Configuring a Sound Card
  • Configuring USB Devices
  • Configuring Graphic Displays
  • Configuring Other Devices

Understanding Availability

  • Increasing Availability
  • Protecting a Virtual Machine
  • Protecting Multiple Virtual Machines
  • Protecting Data Centers

Understanding Applications in a Virtual Machine

  • Examining Virtual Infrastructure Performance Capabilities
  • Deploying Applications in a Virtual Environment
  • Understanding Virtual Appliances and vApps
  • Open Stack and Containers

Virtualization Essentials


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